State of the art lubricants and binders for the powdered metal industry.

Apex is the leader in innovative development for lubricants and binders in the powdered metal industry. We analyze needs of the industry and through innovation develop unique solutions that create value for the client and the industry at large.

Our Company Mission statement is: State of the Art Lubricants and Binders.

Apex Superlube®: let it make money for you.

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Apex Superlube®

Physical Properties

Form: powder
Color: off white
Melt Point: complex mixture
Decomposition: 150°C initiation
Solubility in water: Insoluble
Specific Gravity: 0.991
Ash: nil

Dynamic Viscosity at 5000 1/sec at 50°20-40PaS
Moisture at 100°C for 1 hour< 1.00%
Screen Test (Agglomerates)Pass/Fail

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